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The Burgess Shale is an incredible fossil deposit on what was, 515 million years ago a 160 meter high ocean bottom ridge, but is now a towering wall almost two miles up the western slope of Mount Field.
The real motivation for the 8 hour hike was my memory od Wayne Daniels, a dear friend from Grade 10 until his untimely and terrible death from cancer shortly after the start of the new millenium. As a teenager, he was such an avid visitor to the Royal Ontario Museum fossil collection that the then-director took him under hius wing, and encouraged him to undertake field trips. One I accopnaied him on remains a cherished memory.
The 8 AM beginnig...Beautiful morning view...Early rest stop...Mountain flowers...Snow on July 30th indicates...High rest stoponward...Breaknearing the end of the hike...Lecture at the Walcott QuarryProf. Kathleen and ArielEmerald Lakebeast of the BurgessAnothe Beast of the Burgess...