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25 neue Fenster...und dann auch noch 10 Dachfenster für die Dachkuppel.
The 35 new widows arrived for  a particularly "nice" Saskatoon November week.Accompanied by two teams of Russians, perfect for the -25 cold and 30-50 km winds.Entrance to one of the three construction sites.The music room, where wrapping the concert grand took a whole roll of plastic.And insulating the delicate 1814 style walnut fortepiano was even worse.The way to the kitchen was complicatedThe long hallway to the bathrooms and bedroom was even worse.It ended on the floor to the cupola, where one had to navigate between errant screws , tools and insulation every night.Unfortunately, that cupola has ten small windows....that all had to be torn out...And not two of them turned out to be exactly identical, necessitating ongoing sawing and grinding to fit as the wind and snow whistled in.The sealing compound, effective to -30C, had to be kept warm.Finished, three pane and guaranteed for life.The next three weeks were much warmer, with scarcely and wind or snow!