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On Saturday November 16th, 2013, Canadians in over 130 cities and towns took to the streets and public arenas express the urgent concerns most of us have about massive environmental degradation, runaway global-warming.

And, also very much to protest "Harper government's" outrageous misuse the 39% "majority it bought and cheated for itself by shamefully abrogating all science, due diligence or reason in its rush to serve its oil conglomerate and finance industry patrons
Saskatoon protest assemblesDiverse individuals congregate......old and young...with her own sign...more people arriveThe people signs are individual...Joy and fellow-feelingMother and daughter.This protest was about something more important...The real leaders soon proved to beOut of the parking lot......into the MallTo be confronted by officious rent-a-cops...Standing our ground...standing out ground IIStanding our ground IIIEffective and creative protestSupporters old and young....protest, SaskatoonVictory in taking over public space